President Donald Trump spoke to the troops overseas yesterday via teleconference from the Mar-al-Lago Resort in Palm Beach, Florida and besides wishing them all a Happy Thanksgiving, he reiterated the gratitude and pride that the country as a whole feels for the men and women deployed far from home.

Hello, everybody, and happy Thanksgiving. You’re very, very special people to me and to everybody in this country — that I can tell you. And I’ve got five deployed units bravely representing each branch of our armed forces. And we’re going on live right now, and surrounding me is a lot of press. Better me than you — believe me, fellas. Better me than you.

It’s an honor to speak with you all and to give God thanks for the blessings of freedom and for the heroes who really have this tremendous courage that you do to defend us and to defend freedom. So, we want to thank you all very much. Very, very special people. It doesn’t get more special…

For each of you, I know it’s very hard to be away from home at this time of the year.

So as we give thanks for this holiday, I know I speak on behalf of all Americans when I say that we totally support you. In fact, we love you — we really do. We love you. And this is a thanksgiving that you won’t forget. You’re in a very different part of the world than you were used to, but, boy, are you doing a job there. And thank God for you. Thank God for you.

We also want to give thanks to our loved ones — our amazing military families. I know they miss you, and they miss you so deeply and so badly. They’re every bit as important as every else you work with because they put up with so much. They put up with the time away and all of those things that they have to endure. And they endure it because they love our country and because they love you. And believe me, I know so much about military families. They respect and appreciate what you’re doing for this country, and they respect and appreciate what you’re doing for them, as a family. So your families love you and they miss you.

The President spoke to the service members from all the different branches of service and told them all that they weren’t forgotten on this day and that the country they left at home is doing better than before. And that they are “winning” at what they’re doing.

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