The Seahorse SE-540FP4 pistol case has been instrumental in enhancing my shooting experience while at the same time delivery top notch protection to my pistols while I’m at the range. How can a polymer case enhance a shooting experience ? well I’ll get to that here shortly. First more about this relative newcomer to the world of polymer cases.

Seahorse Case is a San Diego based company that offers many different lines of cases for all of your protective needs. The have a long list options that are available on most of their cases just like other major manufactures of hard sided protective cases. The thing that’s that caught my attention was their lifetime warranty, the fact they are produced in the United States and Department of Defense testing to be certified.

One major attribute that stands out about this particular case and why it should be important to anyone who shoots pistols is that it comes precut from the factory to hold four pistols and twelve magazines. No more tracing outlines of pistols and cutting foam liners with razors and knives. It may not seem like a major issue to some, but less time messing with equipment means more time shooting.

Holds 4 Pistols & 12 Magazines

At the indoor range I routinely shoot at in the winter they have a rule that every pistol that goes to the line must be in a hard case. I think its a stupid rule, and the frustration of having to take two or three separate hard sided cases or a giant rifle case to the range with me was wearing on my patience. When I found this case and read up on the company I knew I had found the answer to my dilemma.

The case is not cumbersome or awkward in anyway and even with four pistols in it stores easily in a trunk or in the backseat of any vehicle. It is available in five colors that are listed below in the specifications section. Industry standard pressure release valves and padlock holes are also present on most models of Seahorse cases.



  • Outside : 14.9″x 12.13″x 9.58″
  • Inside: 13.52″x 9.92″ x 8.38″

Weight: 6.47 Lbs

MSRP: $76.56 (available on company web site link in description)

Colors Available: Black, Cammo Green, Safety Yellow, Gunmetal Gray, International Orange


  • Keyed locks available as an upgrade
  • Logo branding available
  • Made in U.S.A
  • Lifetime warranty


I’ve put every pistol I own into this case to see what models fit and if any didn’t fit. I found a very slight problem with the Sig P225 and its larger than average trigger guard. It seemed to make the pistol sit slightly higher in the case, making it harder to close. If it was a real issue a I would simply trim a little material out of the recesses on the inside of the case. Revolvers, and semi automatic pistols of all shapes, sizes and materials were put into the case all they all fit just fine.

Fathers day is coming up soon and if you have a Father who likes to shoot this maybe a great way to make going to the range easier on him or the whole family. I found this case by mistake and it just goes to show sometimes mistakes make for great opportunities. If you are in the market for a pistol case don’t overlook the Seahorse line of cases. If you own a business and want your logo on your cases, Seahorse can do that for you as well. Contact their custom department and they can provide you with a high quality and professional case emblazoned with your logo or design.

Any questions or comment just post them in the section below or use the FRAGO link and drop us a line. We’ve provided you a quick video recap of this article as well. Get out and enjoy the spring weather send us some pictures of you out using the gear we suggested, maybe you will end up on our Facebook or Instagram feeds


– Rick Dembroski for