Want some humble pie? No? Well I’m going to give it to you anyway. I could always pick out the guys in the spec-ops community who were going to thrive after leaving the military. Some left for family, others to pen the next great American novel, and some to explore the great outdoors. For Michael Crooke, his journey took him from the SEALs to NASA, to teaching at Pepperdine University, to CEO of Patagonia outdoor gear.

Michael said that working as a team was the driving force that got him through SEAL training. “You learn how to think strategically in the teams. People want to be around you because you’re a team player.” Michael stresses the importance of teamwork in every aspect of personal and business life today.

Michael attributes his accomplishments to his four years in the SEAL teams. The leadership, camaraderie, and selflessness each man exhibits is second to none. Great patriots like Michael Crooke pave the way for the ambitious veteran who might need a little push.  He continues to thrive, building his business and promoting climate awareness—all with charisma and a smile.

Now eat your pie!

– Drew Dwyer for SOFREP.com