Tuesday means Leg Day at the gym followed by sprints to build up speed and explosion. Begin with pull-ups and towel pull-ups for those who don’t have access to climbing ropes. Then squats, lunges and the sled followed by some sprint work.


Continue to prep for the UBRR

3 x Pull-ups 10 reps

3 x Towel pull-ups 10 reps

3 x Front Squat 20-15-12 reps (lighter weight)

3 x Body Weight Wall Squats with a stability ball 20-15-12 reps

4 x Sled push heavier weight or Fire Man’s Carry

3 x 10 reps Dumbbell Lunges

3 x 20 Caterpillar Planks

40-yard sprint

50-yard sprint

60-yard sprint

80-yard sprint

100-yard sprint (after each sprint, walk back to the starting point)

Stretch well after completion

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