The best way to start our Sunday as the sun comes up is our Sunday morning Rucksack March. Grab your training partner (or in my case a bulldog) and hit the trail. A little warm-up and a good long (8-mile) rucksack march. As always be sure to stay hydrated during the ruck march. It should be a habit that will carry over to Selection and training afterward.

Becoming dehydrated during a long training event such as a ruck march or long-range movement is a guarantee for bigger problems and failure, keep sipping on the water during the march.


Warm up

2 x 20 Pushups

2 x 20 Sit-ups

8-mile rucksack march over varied terrain. Try to keep your pace better than the standard (120 minutes). And mark your times in your workout log book.

Stretch well after completion