The best way to start our Sunday before the sun comes up is our Sunday Rucksack March.  Grab your training partner (or my case my bulldog) and hit the trail. A little warm-up and a good long (8-mile) rucksack march. As always be sure to stay hydrated during the ruck march. It should be a habit that will carry over to Selection and training afterward.

Becoming dehydrated during a long training event such as a ruck march or long-range movement is a guarantee for bigger problems and failure, keep sipping on the water during the march. Ensure you mark down your times in your workout log book. Wear your second pair of boots to ensure they’re ready for the course.


Warm up

2 x 20 Pushups

2 x 20 Sit-ups

8-mile rucksack march over varied terrain. Try to keep your pace better than the standard (120 minutes). And mark your times in your workout log book.

Stretch well after completion