A quick workout to start the day early and head off to the rest of our day. Remember, no days off here. With the sweat you break here every day, you’ll be better for it once the course starts.

Had to curtail the rucksack march short to just 5 miles yesterday, when my training partner (bulldog) tired out. She’s been slacking since the cold weather hit and it showed.

Start off with the basics of pushups, sit-ups, and crunches, then to the bar for V-ups, pull-ups and dips before a 5-mile run in a mini UBRR test. Remember to stay hydrated and mark your progress in your workout log book.


More preparation for the UBRR

1 x 1-minute Pushups

1 x 1-minute Sit-ups

1 x 1-minute, Crunches

1 x 1-minute, V-ups

1 x Dips as many as possible to muscle failure (no time limit)

1 x Pull-ups as many as possible or to muscle failure (no time limit)

5-mile run (maximum 40 minutes)

Stretch well after completion

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