Friday, that must mean its Leg Day at the gym but instead of a longer run at the finish of that, we’ll substitute the Shuttle run in there, to work on your speed today. Weighted sled push builds up the strength and explosion. Will be excellent prep for carrying a rucksack.


Continue to prep for the UBRR.

3 x 10 Pull-ups

3 x 10 Towel Pull-ups

3 x Rear Squat 20-15-12 reps (lighter weight)

3 x Goblet Dumbbell Squats 20-15-12 reps (lighter weight)

3 x 10 Barbell Squats

3 x 10 Dumbbell Lunges

3 x Weighted sled push or Fireman’s Carry

4 x 25-meter Shuttle Run

Stretch well after completion