Continue to prep for the UBRR. Friday is a Leg Day and we’ll work them out good today in the gym. We are going to break up the 3-mile run into one-mile segments. Take only a minute’s rest in between runs and then do the best you can.

Make note of your times in the run and your workouts in your workout log book. Remember to stretch well before and after your workout and hydrate.


3 x 10 Pullups

3 x Goblet Squats 20-15-12 reps (lighter dumbbell)

3 x 10 Barbell Squats

3 x 10 reps Standing Arnold Press

3 x 10 Deadlifts

3 x 10 Lunges (medium dumbbell)

30 x “V” ups

3 x 1 mile run with 8 minutes maximum for each, 1-minute rest in between. Run those as fast as you can

Stretch well after completion