A Special Operations legend among his peers has been on operations on all over the world. Bob Keller has been a Ranger, a Green Beret and now is in a non-named ‘secret unit’ in Special Operations Command. But he’s giving back to his peers and the law enforcement officers in his community.

Keller is nearing the end of his military career but runs his own company, Gamut Resolutions which is a practical shooting and tactical training firm in Florida. He’s helping out veterans and especially the police forces which don’t get a lot of range time in their individual departments.

Now, as he nears retirement, rather than seeking a lucrative consulting or contracting job, Keller is giving back — giving back to other Special Operations veterans through extensive charity work and giving back to local law enforcement officers. He’s teaching SWAT teams the shooting techniques that kept him alive through countless engagements — for free — through his start-up training firm, Gamut Resolutions.

“The quality of training he’s capable of delivering is simply the best. If you think of it on an academic scale, Bob is at the PhD level in terms of tactics and shooting — even better than a PhD level. He goes above and beyond,” said retired Sgt. Major Jeremy Morton, who served with Keller in Special Operations. “His research and his thesis are based upon his own experiences.”

Keller is founder and CEO of Gamut Resolutions, a shooting and tactical training firm for the public, corporate groups and law enforcement agencies.

But individual cops he’ll train for free.

Keller also created his own charity, Operation Blue, a year ago based on the SOCF model, after he learned how little time police actually get to spend at the range. He doesn’t draw a salary from the training he provides to these officers.

“I get them to the range, get them shooting their guns, get them more familiar with them. It’s ridiculous how these police departments only shoot once a year for their qualifications,” he said. “After hearing that, I set up a program where they can spend two full days with me at the range shooting.”

Keller supports many charities but began his own because he saw a specific need for the police officers that don’t get enough range time. The training and real-world experience he lends to the officers may save their lives one day.

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Photo courtesy Bob Keller