Note: Thousands of companies and wall to wall outdoor gear all packed into four days is epitomizes the organized chaos that is Outdoor Retailer. Myself, Leo Jenkins, and our Media Director Nick Cahill had a chance sit down with some awesome brands and check out what’s new in the outdoor and adventure industry.

Over the years, Under Armour has developed gear for just about every sport. We had a chance to check out some of their new outdoor footwear for 2016. With hundreds of footwear manufacturers and thousands of models available in today’s market, it’s hard to find new products that aren’t just copies of other models already available. Under Armour has added some adventure specific features to their line of footwear launching in Spring 2016.

Their new models push further into the lighter, faster, and more cushioned category of footwear. From water sports to hiking boots built on a running last, their new footwear options add versatility to an already solid line of footwear. Under Armour’s partnership with Michelin is particularly interesting and adds a new style and performance rubber to the footwear industry.

Check out the video for more information about Under Armour’s new outdoor footwear.

– Isaiah Burkhart for