Hezbollah was borne out of a struggle against Israel and now the large organization has transformed into a much larger force since its experience in the civil war in Syria. Their success in fighting against the Islamic State, or Daesh, as they call it, have them flush with new recruits.

But while they have fought for the Syrian government that has always supported them with arms and sanctuaries, their ultimate goal is still the same. And now they consider themselves a regional power.

Hezbollah, considered a terrorist organization by Washington, has gained extensive battlefield experience in Syria, and it claims it is prepared for another war with Israel if necessary.

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah recently warned Israel of “heavy losses” if it underestimates his organization’s capabilities.

The official said the Iran-backed group’s “decisive and essential” role in Syria has turned it into a major military force in the Middle East.

“That was not our aim when we intervened in Syria,” he said. “All we wanted is to defend the resistance and defend a state that has stood by and supported the resistance since its inception in 1982 until now.

And the organization that has lost anywhere between 1300-1500 fighters during the war in Syria has had no problems in attracting new Shia recruits to their flag. In fact, their numbers have grown as Hezbollah leaders are using a sort of theology to attract the young to their cause.

Naim Qassem, the Deputy Chief of Hezbollah has attended funerals for young killed fighters where he linked the deaths to the concept of fate, which is predestined by God and therefore unchangeable.

And now the next question is, what happens next? Many thought that Hezbollah would just return to Lebanon after the war was over. But their leaders aren’t so quick to acknowledge that, stating that they’ll “go where they are needed.”

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