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December 13, 2012

Memoir of a Ranger Medic – Part II

Josh’s fire team reaches the front door just in time to receive a volley of 7.62 slung at them from a RPK set up on the other side of the shack’s mud wall. They do not hesitate. They act. They run into the throat of that monster, directly through the door that has the business end of a very large automatic weapon pointed right at it.

At the helm of that weapon is a man hell bent on their demise. The do not hesitate. They act. At this moment I notice someone running from the objective directly toward weapon squad’s position. The only thought in my mind was watching second squad disappear at the hand of a suicide bomber just seconds earlier.

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  • skyrobinson

    @LauraKinCA  Thank you!

  • LauraKinCA

    @skyrobinson  Here you go... enjoy the ending.

  • skyrobinson

    Okay, now I'm not so patiently waiting for part three. Is it here somewhere and I just don't see the link?

  • 4FingrsOfBurbon

    @VermontPT  Thanks! I rotate between bourbons and whiskeys. Right now I am on a Knobb Creek kick.

  • formwiz

    @CBSenior I'm sure Allahu Akbar is this generation's answer to their grandfather's Banzai.   Or the Rebel yell for their great-great-great grandfathers.