Glock vs. 1911?  I’m sure this will spark a conversation just by bringing up this topic in the pistol community.  I get asked all the time at ranges from all types of owners, may they be LE, Military (former or active), or just an individual who owns a firearm for self-protection, “What pistol do you prefer. The Glock or 1911?”

There are so many ways to break this down, but for the sake of time, let’s look at a few key features that each system has to offer that I think contribute to one being more favorable than the other.


To start things off in regards to reliability, let’s get the obvious out of the way.  Both of the pistols have served in multiple conflicts around the world and have proven their reliability on several occasion, although, the 1911 would have to place above the Glock when it comes to notable historical achievements.


The Glock went into full production in 1983 to replace the Austrian World War 2 era Walther P38.  Some of its initial requirements were that the Glock would have an 8 round minimum magazine capacity, not exceed 58 minimum individual parts, and no more than 20 malfunctions within the first 10,000 rounds.  I have heard stories of Glocks not having a single malfunction when shooting it in excess of 50,000 rounds, whether I believe this or not is irrelevant.  As as my experience when shooting standard military ball ammunition, I went an entire year with low maintenance and 11,250 rounds before I saw a malfunction.  I started to see a lot of malfunctions when I began stacking hollow points and ball ammunition in the magazine (every other round would fail to feed).  In some cases, using the 9mm Glock variant