In todays SOF Pic of the Day we feature men from the Belgian Special Forces (before they switched to MultiCam).

Maybe I’ve just had a long day, but this pic immediately reminded me of that scene in Breaking Bad where Jesse and Walt take Saul out to the desert.

Breaking Bad
You know the scene I’m talking about. Glad to see the Belgian guys aren’t rocking pom-poms on their ski masks.

A Bit On the Belgian SF

Belgium, a small yet strategically significant country in the heart of Europe, boasts a military force that punches well above its weight. At the forefront of Belgium’s defense capabilities stands the Belgian Special Forces Group (SFG), an elite unit renowned for its versatility, precision, and unwavering commitment to global security. In this piece, we examine the history, structure, and notable operations of the Belgian Special Forces, shedding light on why they are considered one of the most formidable special operations units in the world.

A Brief History

The origins of the Belgian Special Forces can be traced back to World War II. During the war, Belgian commandos trained with British forces and participated in multiple operations, gaining valuable experience in unconventional warfare. This collaboration laid the groundwork for the establishment of a dedicated Belgian special operations unit.

In 1952, the first Belgian commando unit was officially formed, inspired by the British model. Over the decades, this unit evolved, incorporating lessons learned from international engagements and adapting to the changing nature of warfare. In 2003, the Belgian Special Forces Group was formally established, consolidating various special operations elements into a single, cohesive entity.

Structure and Training

The Belgian Special Forces Group is a highly selective unit, with a rigorous selection process designed to identify only the most capable and dedicated individuals. Candidates undergo a series of grueling physical and mental tests, ensuring they possess the resilience, adaptability, and skill required for special operations.

The SFG is divided into several specialized teams, each with its own area of expertise. These include direct action, reconnaissance, counter-terrorism, and hostage rescue. This diverse skill set allows the SFG to respond effectively to a wide range of threats and missions, both at home and abroad.