February 5, 2013

The 75th Ranger Regiment Sniper

With the limited information about the sniper community within the Regiment, I thought it would be a good idea to shed some light on the men behind the scope.

I am often questioned about the selection process for a 75th Ranger Regiment sniper.  The complete process may take years before a Ranger can become a sniper in any Battalion.  The sniper community now, only taking Rangers with multiple combat deployments, the Ranger Tab, and men who have served in multiple leadership positions. This is key when shaping a great sniper.  He has to know how the battlefield works from all aspects as a Ranger when assaulting an objective.

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About the Author

is a former US Army Ranger who served his entire military career within the ranks of 3rd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. Nick's career took off when he became a sniper. During his time as a sniper, he earned the titles Sniper Team Leader, Master Sniper, and The Reaper.

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  • Bogey

    Hi, I'm looking for a friend I have not heard from in a long time and am asking for help. I'm looking for Horst "Trigger" Goethe a member of the 2/75 Rangers.  The last I knew he was in the 3rd Armor Div  2/48 Inf in 1979/80. Before that  was assigned to 503rd Replacement Co 3rd Armor Div 1978/79. He reenlisted as a "prior service" around 1975 and did service in Viet Nam as a sniper in the 2/75. Any help would be helpful. He was from Chicago area (Belvedere) and his Dad was a engineer for Chrysler Corp. there. My email is : [email protected] Thanks Jim Melhinney US Army 1970-72, 1976-80

  • sgtmed

    Great article!

  • ThomasVictorio

    @EasyDay Not so much you had to be an SSG but more like you're "encouraged" if you're SSG or above. Check out the Regiment's page at the ARSOC website. @Reaper375  and I guess deployment experience has some weight too?

  • bezjezikamolim

    @Reaper375  You've mentioned the Marine Scout / Sniper school ... I thought that the best military schools is USAJFKSWCS SF sniper school ... As a man with a lot of experience, both personal, and from contact with other snipers, could you compare those two schools? ... What are the advantages and disadvantages of both sniper schools? Thank in advance

  • EasyDay

    I also thought you had to be a SSG in order to be on the Ranger Recon Teams. So as long as you graduate from Ranger School, even if you're only a PFC, you can try out for the Recon Team???   Thanks