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February 21, 2013

A Navy SEAL Sniper is Laid to Rest: Dark Times & The Light of Texas

In an almost cliché image, the rain is coming down on the stoic faces of proud Texans who’ve come out in support of a local hero named Chris Kyle.  They wave their hands and flags as the funeral procession passes by, complete with hundreds of Patriot Guard motorcycle riders, and scores of family, friends and teammates of the fallen soldier.

I’m writing this piece because it’s a long trip from Midlothian to Austin, where we will bury Chris in a little while, and I’ve realized that something needs to be said that hasn’t yet.

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  • calif blonde

    Most moving piece!!!! Thank you Randy Kelley!!!!

  • Klynn23

    RiP chris kyle.

  • EileenHuber

    Found this article so uplifting.  I respect and am in awe of the Seals because I've never known anyone like them.  All the reading I've done makes me feel like now I do.  They are the best of the best.  The brotherhood is so strong.  Wish I knew that in my life.  The photo of all the Seals kneeling around Chris's coffin speaks volumes.  God bless them all.  BTW, I still think of Chris Kyle daily too.  Bless and pray for Taya and the children.  It's not an easy path they're on right now, but, I know they'll be okay because they have the support of the Seals!

  • LouCollins

    @Kendoist4162 I don't know--but wish I did. Don't feel alone in this--you are not. Even if you didn't know him, neither did I. Saw him on RedJacket--he had this great "little boy" about him, in his smile, his comfort with himself. You could tell in those few minutes that he was just a great guy, would have loved for him to be my brother, or my son. It's crazy...I wish I could explain it. I can't. But I do know it will hurt less eventually. Check out YouTube video of Van Wars with him. Realize these guys live life to the fullest, and truly enjoy it. Take comfort that their brothers in arms truly care for each other, and for the families left behind. From your note, there is no doubt you'll never forget him--and that is a tremendous honor for him and his family/friends. You're 100% right--THEY GIVE US  HOPE! Not the fake hope we've heard about for too long. Real hope of good people doing impossible work. Hope this helps you.

  • Kendoist4162

    Why does this still hurt so much? I had never met Chris, only read his book. I have never met anyone who knew Chris, only read their words. Yet, I think of Chris daily, and am awed each day. When I read articles such as from Mrs. Lee, I find myself crying like a baby. I cry for Taya and the children. I cry for the brothers that Chris has now joined and those he has left behind. I cry for the State of Texas and for America. We have lost so, so much.... There truly are heroes. They give of themselves fully in many ways, but what they really give to us is ......Hope