In the murky shadows of the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, a recent ripple in the digital pond caught my attention.

Kyiv’s military intelligence agency, the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine (GUR), spilled the beans on a successful cyber gambit against Moscow.

It appears a Ukrainian hacker crew, charmingly named “Blackjack,” managed to infiltrate Russian military bases and air defense installations and even snagged some goodies from a weapons arsenal.

A real digital heist, it seems.

Unveiling Moscow’s Military Secrets: GUR’s Revelation

The GUR spilled the beans on Blackjack’s caper, describing a precision operation aimed at lifting the veil on Moscow’s military secrets.

The hackers reportedly snagged classified construction blueprints for over 500 Russian military sites, laying bare the innards of Moscow’s defense machinery.

Maps detailing the layout of military HQs across Russia and the occupied territories in Ukraine were also part of the haul, amounting to a whopping 1.2 terabytes of classified Russian military intel.