February 19, 2014

Chris Kyle’s Craft International Trains Snipers in a Canadian Football Stadium

Activities in the BC Place Stadium located in downtown Vancouver were set aside recently to let the Vancouver Police Department snipers train with the instructors of Craft International LLC, co-founded by Chris Kyle. The training helps ensure the criminals will lose the game on a third and final down.

In recent years, SWAT teams and Emergency Response Teams across Canada have begun training with consulting and training providers, who are mostly owned by ex-military operators from across the globe, on tactics used by the military. This gives them the edge against a growing numbers of both criminals and potential terrorists. We all know Canada has been harboring more and more terrorists, and our law enforcement needs to be ready to deal with them.

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About the Author

is an Afghanistan combat veteran who served for 14 years as a Canadian light infantryman. He distinguished himself as a TCCC operator saving numerous ANA lives under fire, earning the Chief of Defense Staff Commendation. As an ANA mentor, Jonathan was WIA and is now writing for SOFREP, The Loadout Room and Airsoft International. He is also bilingual and french is his first language.

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  • Jake75

    leiber I think we're kind of on the same page. . .

  • leiber

    Jake75 I disagree, I have no problem with police being up armored to face threats of the 21st century. That being said LEO personnel must be reminded they are Law Enforcement Officers first, and remember they are there to approach situations as the law dictates and not act like assaulter in a Marine platoon assaulting Omaha beach .

  • Jake75

    Yeah I agree with what people were saying below. There needs to be a clear line between police and military. I do believe it's necessary for police to be properly trained to respond to these types of situations. I think where police lack is training, it seems like some PD's are just wearing tactical gear.  Like below, I feel it's unnecessary for cops to be wearing multicam and using suppressors....

  • CPJBoston

    webmindset1 Weekends  I think there's a legitimate difference between training to deal with imminent threats as a first responder (or Mil snipers training LE snipers, for that matter), and some of the other "militarization" that's going on. It's where we draw the line that's going to define the direction of our country as we continue this endless and borderless war on terror. Training to use overwhelming force and sound tactics to deal with a grave and imminent threat is one thing (active shooter, etc). Using those tactics in situations which should be de-escalated or otherwise resolved just because you have them in the bag is a whole different issue. No-knock 40-man raids in full body armor carrying carbines with optics over financial aid fraud is the dirty underbelly of this cross-training and up-armoring of suburban LE departments. We have to be honest about that, and find a way to appropriately train but retain level-headed oversight and only use these types of military-esque reactions when the situation absolutely prohibits any other type of response.

  • webmindset1

    Weekends I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you.  LE are usually the first on-site in a situation where perpetrator could easily be a terrorist who weeks or months earlier was in the hills of Afghanistan. If they bring it here, we need highly-trained LE ready to meet and neutralize their threat. We need more operators sharing "sea stories" and training our first responders. Semper Fi MoDog out