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July 17, 2012

MARSOC Motorcycle Gangs in Afghanistan

SOF Operators take to two-wheels in the hunt for Taliban in remote regions of Afghanistan.

If you are the Taliban, this is your worst nightmare come true.

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About the Author

is poised to publish the first book detailing experiences of Marine special operators in Afghanistan. And unlike career writers who drop into an outpost for a quick embed, Golembesky was there, as a member of Marine Special Operations Team 8222 during one of its hardest deployments. He plans to tell the team’s story through the words of the operators on the ground. The working title is “Level Zero Heroes.”

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  • qdogg691

    After being involved in the motorcycle industry for 20 years it is hard for me to understand why they use these bikes. there are much better options for them to use, faster, more reliable, better suspension, ect.. You would think the higher ups would ask someone in the know?

  • GuerreroE

    Next up tunnels, oh wait

  • Sh4d3

    Micheal glad to hear about this new "hunting" technque!  SEMPER FI

  • SamuelDeLemos

    Rock on with the bikes! Love the idea too. MARSOC rocks! Semper Fi

  • 68WBound

    This is the single most awesome job I could ever imagine... I would never want to go home!