Dedication for this essay goes to Jessica Rose Johnson, SOFREP Sister

Over six months have passed since my abdominal surgery to reduce bilateral duodenal ulcers and I still have pus draining from the superior edge of the foot-long incision in my belly; three to four times a day I drain it. I have known several people with major post-op incisions, and this was never a thing associated with any of them… rather an oddity known only to my case.

Oh, I can live with this thing draining several times a day. It’s only a minor inconvenience you see. But now that I have set a date to have a knee replaced, I am informed by the surgeon that my body (including my teeth) must be free of any and all infection. Now I have a basis for worry.

“How’s it going, Geo? Need anything? How’s your recovery going?” Is the mantra of my friend and the founder of the human traffic organization for which I work, Nick McKinley. Those three questions close all telephone conversations I have had with him since my “repatriation” from the hospital in November.

I confided in him my worry for the wound that refused to heal on my abdomen. With a quick pause he made mention:

“I know a guy, a friend of Greg Jackson and of the Special Forces Community, a former Green Beret Medic. He goes by the name Frosty.”

Greg Jackson, vaunted MMA trainer credited with training as many as 15 National Champions

My ears perked to the mention of 18D, the official job designator for the Special Forces medic. My experience with them is colorful. Those guys have balls, nuts, cojones, stone — not a timid breed, those, who would take out your ruptured appendix at the drop of a hat. Hat fall off? They would suture it back on in a Manhattan Minute.

Oh, I have perched on a kitchen stool in a kitchen while my team medic laced my arm with percent Lidocaine topical anesthetic around a tattoo on my arm, then proceeded to scrape it spiritedly with 60 grit sandpaper until the image was gone, a depression-seeking pool of blood had formed on the floor, and my arm resembled a Quarter-Pounder with cheese, without the cheese and just before grilling.