Fair winds and following seas is a nautical blessing with no direct attribution (meaning who the hell knows where it came from).

Some say that the saying was lifted from literature, which could very well be true. After all, more than one artist made something extremely cool with no credit to the original.

Image of mural in Battleship NORTH CAROLINA visitors center seen as you leave the ship. Features black and white photo of LCDR Richard C. Walker and reads: Fair Winds and Following Seas. Thank you for coming! How did you #ExperienceHistory here at the Battleship? Join us on social media and share your photos.

Most dictionaries give its meaning as “farewell and have a safe journey” or something along these lines.

For example, you could say, “I wish you fair winds and following seas on your trip across the South Pacific.”

As someone who looks up quotes often I’m always amazed at how many people are credited with the same quote. We see this with songs too.

I grew up living on a sailboat, working on a SCUBA boat, and then joined the Navy. The phrase is used often among seafaring folks. Usually, it’s a parting term that brings us full circle.

Fair winds and following seas, wherever your travels take you.