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Navy SEALs

Now the largest combatant force of swimmers, the SEALs have become Legendary in their status. With a training attrition rate as high as 80% SEAL training has become known as the toughest in the world. To become a Navy SEAL requires incredible amounts of discipline, sacrifice and mental management. With SEAL Instructors standing guard there is no way to fake your way into this community. They accept nothing less than 100% commitment.

Some of the toughest men on the planet attempt to become a SEALs and find that they can’t. The extreme conditions, cold temperatures and mental fatigue catch many great men by surprise. To date there has been no way to determine who will make it or not. Study after study has been conducted and so far, there has never been a way to measure someone’s level of commitment. No way besides putting them in BUD/S.

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