(This is a three part series. Read Part One and Part Two here.)

Amidst re-fitting and re-arming our kit, we were promptly summoned to a session with the boss:

“Guys, we are missing five passengers. All indications from the aircrew and other sources say that the five missing passengers were removed from the aircraft and taken to a location 45 miles from here. Its a tiny po-dunk town, so we need to plan for another assault, this time helo assault on urban objective ‘Limerick.’ Let’s get this done and get airborne in NLT one hour. Guys, we are not yet mission complete—let’s go!”

“Well, you sure can’t make this shit up—great work if you can get it” me thinks. We all jumped up with a flurry and bustle of maps and grease pens, slates and cartoons. I think the term they use for this sort of entertainment, a sort that doesn’t exist in the civilian realm, is called ‘jumping through one’s ass.