My worst nightmare is a friend from my business group asking me to do a Spartan Race. My reply is always, “You want to go over a profit and loss statement on the weekend?”


I did the equivalent of a Spartan Race every day in the Navy SEAL Teams for almost a decade. My fun meter is fully pegged on this kind of stuff.

The biggest mistake people make, young and old, is that they overdo it and end up injuring themselves instead of working out smarter. That is why I’m not a big fan of the Cult of CrossFit. Yes, I said it! Let the hate rain down, LOL.

We interrupt this workout for a Trivia question.

QUESTION: Who started the Iron Man challenge? Answer: A Navy SEAL in Hawaii. So yes, we know a thing or three about working out.

The body is like a car engine. Put too many miles on it or focus on one area (for example, running) for too long, and something is bound to break down.

Run your car too hard and something breaks… Take care of it, and it will last a lot longer.

These days I think of myself and my workout routine as my favorite vintage Porsche 911 Turbo. I mostly keep her in the garage but take her out for short spins on the weekend. Not too many miles, just enough to keep the ole girl going strong.

My favorite post-SEAL Team workout is a two-mile swim, followed by 60 minutes of yoga.

If I’m on the road, I take workout bands with me because over the years, with my time in the military, I have developed enough self-discipline to do an intense calisthenics workout in my room, on the road, anywhere.

I’ll give you a great calisthenics workout here (no logs, I promise!)

Higher reps for the young studs and lower reps for us refined gentlemen (and ladies).

I’m a fan of full-body circuit-like calisthenics workouts because I don’t care about showing off big muscles; I care about fitness and being in fighting shape. I also incorporate some stretching in my workouts because everyone should stretch.

My Navy SEAL Calisthenics Workout

Navy SEAL Workout
Brandon Webb with his TB30 (Men’s Health)

As Arnold says, “There are no shortcuts — everything is reps, reps, reps.”

I do this routine M-F with weekends off, but I still stretch for 15-20 minutes on the weekend.

Ready on the right, ready on the left, bust’em.


Cat-Cow (see here) five repetitions;

Knees to chest hold for 30 seconds, increasing pull on knees;

Forward Fold for 15 seconds (essentially a hamstring stretch), then arms to the sky (really reach) x five;

Seated ITB band stretches 15 seconds on each side;

Lower back leg cross-over stretch 15 seconds on each side;

Bridge Pose three repetitions of 15 seconds each;

Ankle rotations Lie on your back and do 30 rotations in both directions;

Abdominal alternating leg crunches

  • 100 reps if you’re a young one
  • 50 reps, the rest of us.

Plank (push-up position)

  • Young Buck-Hold for five minutes.
  • Older ladies/gents: Hold for 1:30
Recruits perform the forearm planks. (DVIDS)

Note: This starts to build up some heat and warms us up for more intensity.

Downward Dog position (see here) Hold it for 10 breaths.

Regular crunches

  • 100 reps or 50 reps (minimum)


  • 100 or 50 reps (I can knock out 50 easily. It takes time to work up to this. If you can’t get 50, work up to it and max out.

Shoulder Presses

  • You can use light weights (10-15lbs) or a thick exercise band. 100 reps or 50. I’m a fan of high reps because it builds endurance and tones.

Triceps Pull Downs

Again, I’m on the bands (hanging over a door usually) but you can use a machine or do tricep push-ups.

  • 100 reps or 50 minimum.

Body Weight Squats (can alternate leg workouts here on other days)

  • 50 or 25 minimum

Bicep Curls

  • Bands, weights, or in a machine; 100 or 50 reps.

Upright or Seated Row

  • Bands, weights, or in a machine. 100 or 50 reps.

Abdominal alternating leg extension crunches.

  • 100 reps YB.
  • 50 reps, the rest of us.

Five Minute Meditation 

Seated or lay down in the infamous dead person yoga pose. Note: If you don’t have five minutes to clear your head, you have big problems.

Yoga Bonus 

I’ve done over two years of yoga online, and this gal at Boho is a monster. Any of her videos will kick your ass in a good way. Thank (or curse) me later. These are great videos to do on the weekends.


This is a great full-body workout, and you can modify it to your liking. You can substitute other body parts but keep up the reps and intensity.

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