First thing I noticed in the taxi was the guards with assault rifles at most nice places. At one pawn shop near the airport I actually saw my favorite shotgun. The Remington, all stainless steel, marine shottie. What a beauty but holy fuck I thought to myself, what have I gotten myself into.

How’d I get here? Let me tell you.

There’s never been a better time to travel in the age of COVID. Sounds counterintuitive but airports are uncrowded, and flights are cheap, as are places to stay. So why not?

Like many people, the pandemic has made me think about living differently.

So I got rid of my New York apartment, sold my house in Puerto Rico (was too big for just me and a lot of work). I bought a place on the beach in Miami and decided to travel this year. And when I say travel I’m not talking about a week’s vacation. I mean hardcore travel.

Some people are afraid or say it’s too risky. My answer? Life is WAY too short to bunker down for a year and not live it fully. So off I went!

The top of my bucket list:

  • Japan
  • Antarctica
  • Greek Islands
  • New Zealand
Author’s Air BnB overlooking Bogota. (Author)

Bogota wasn’t at the top of the list but it WAS on the list regardless. And it was an easy take-down for me as it is a quick striking distance from Miami.