One of the first things you see at BUD/S is a sign that says, “The only easy day was yesterday.” For a Navy SEAL like Paul Tharp, he relishes the challenge of what lies ahead.

The 42-year-old SEAL is the driving tip of the spear. “It’s a fortunate position that many will never know.” He enjoys every minute of life and is a forward-leaning force to reckon with. Tharp seeks a means to channel the energy and drive that consume him.

Whether it’s competing in an Ironman Triathlon or leading PT for the platoon, he always has the finish line in mind. “When I’m looking at an event, I control the training, I control my diet, I control as much as possible.” This gives Tharp the confidence that his mind and body are in sync and in complete control. There’s just one more thing left to do—win!