I’ll bet that many of you have poured a beer a little too quickly and had it mostly turn to foam. I know I have. It’s annoying to sit and wait for the foam to subside, or worse, to pour out the foam, wasting time and tasty beverage. Well, I’ve found a solution to my troubles in the Original Snake Bite.

When it comes to beverage accessories, you can find a product for just about everything. In reality, most are junk and a complete waste of money and space. When I first saw the Original Snake Bite, that’s pretty much what I thought it was going to be. I’ve been carrying this thing on my keychain for the last month and I have to admit – I was wrong.

The first thing that made me actually give the Snake Bite a legitimate run-through was their pour-test video (below). This is all dependent on the carbonation level of the beer you are pouring, but even then, it beats out any regular can pour. Even the guys at Snake Bite will tell you that pours may vary from beer to beer. But overall, I found it an awesome bottle opener/beer-pouring accessory.

If you only drink your beer out of the can, well, this isn’t the product for you. If you like to drink your beer out of a pint glass or an innovative beer receptacle like the Hydro Flask True Pint, believe me, you want this. Not only does the Snake Bite give you the smoothest pour out of a can, but it’s 100 percent American-sourced and -made.

From its protective cowhide sheath (so you don’t accidentally stab yourself in the inner thigh or worse while carrying it in your pocket) to the razor-sharp steel, you can count on quality craftsmanship.

To test it, I poured the beers much faster than an average pour. When poured slowly, the vent holes provided by the Snake Bite eliminated extra head from an imperfect pour. As I said earlier, no one wants to wait around for the head to subside or pour out precious beer.

The Bottom Line

You can now smoothly pour your ice cold Hamms, the champagne of beers, Olympia, Coors Light, or even hipster beers like Pabst or Montucky just like they came from the tap. Ok, maybe not quite, but the video below will give you the idea. The Snake Bite also comes in handy if you want to feel like you’ve warped back to your college years to shotgun some beers.

As craft breweries start to can their beer more and more frequently, this product couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I can drone on about how convenient the Snake Bite is, or you can watch the videos and see for yourself that you should get out and get an Original Snake Bite.

Isaiah Burkhart for LoadoutRoom.com