Friday, that must mean its Leg Day at the gym but instead of a run at the finish of that, we’ll substitute the Shuttle run in there, to work on your speed today.

If you have a sled at your disposal use that, if not carry your training partner in a Fireman’s carry. Some of these leg exercises build those muscles that will help in carrying a ruck.

If you’re on the East Coast, that shuttle run may be indoors this morning. We’re in our first storm of the season and are expecting up to six inches of snow with ice on top of that. If you do run outside…be careful.

UBRR Training:

Continue to prep for the UBRR.

3 x 10 Pull-ups

3 x 10 Leg Press

3 x 10 Leg Extensions

3 x 10 Barbell Squats

3 x 10 Deadlifts

3 x 10 Dumbbell Lunges

3 x Weighted sled push or Fireman’s Carry

4 x 25-meter Shuttle Run

Stretch well after completion


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