Friday is always a good day for Leg Day at the gym, we’ll go for the lighter weight in the squats but higher reps help with endurance. Weighted sled push builds up some explosion and strength. The leg workouts will bode well for you in Selection and in SOF units in your future if you are successful in your quest to get Selected.

Continue to prep for the UBRR.


3 x Pullups 10 reps

3 x Squat 20-15-12 reps (lighter weight)

3 x Deadlifts 20-15-12 reps (lighter weight)

4 x Sled push (heavier weight) or Fireman’s Carry

3 x 12 Lying Leg Curls

3 x 20 Leg Extensions

4 x 12 Standing Calf Raises. 4 sets, 12 reps.

3 x 20 Shoulder touch planks

3-mile run

Stretch well after completion