The United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) is home to some of the most elite forces in the world, SEALs, Green Berets, Rangers, Air Force Special Operators, and Marine Raiders. And all of them are using a host of new vehicles that were specifically engineered for their use.

SOFREP and Special had an opportunity to see these vehicles up close and personal at the recently held SOFIC industry expo in Tampa. These vehicles are versatile and adaptable and most rely on speed rather than armor as a means of protection.

Polaris makes popular all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and side-by-sides driven all across America, tearing it up in the most challenging off-road conditions. But they also make vehicles for the Armed Forces.

These ATVs are also very popular with the Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Polaris has a division called Polaris Government and Defense that specializes in building ATVs like the ones you could drive on the farm, but ramped up and adapted for military purposes.

In just five years, the MRZR platform has grown to 4 vehicles, and is a part of the miltiary in the U.S. and more than 25 allied countries. SOF and the wider military regularly rely on the advanced capabilities MRZR 2, MRZR 4 and DAGOR for their work downrange. The United States Special Operations Command has acquired a whole slew of them for their forces.

These SOF-grade MRZRs feature on-demand, advanced all-wheel drive. When more traction is needed, the vehicle automatically engages all four wheels and can automatically revert back to two-wheel. This advanced tech translates into more power when an operator needs it on a mission plus less general wear and tear on the vehicle.

Both variants also reach a max speed of around 60 miles per hour and sport engines that have 88 HP, designed for extreme performance in the toughest terrains. The vehicles have fantastic throttle response and acceleration.

The MRZR 2 can carry 1,000 pounds while the MRZR 4 can carry an additional 500 pounds.

SOFREP had the chance to interview the Polaris reps and see the vehicles up close. They can be tailored for mission use and present a layer of flexibility that will lend itself well to Special Operations. They are already in use by USSOCOM and they’ll be more in the pipeline in the very near future.

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Photo courtesy SOFREP, Polaris