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Eric Davis is a former SEAL Sniper instructor.

The Loadout Room – Kicking it up a notch

If you’ve spent anytime on then you already know that we have a unique perspective on gear. “Gear is life and life is gear” can easily sum up our philosophy as well as begin to describe our passion and approach.  In an effort to “Step it up” a notch we have been working hard to build […]

Human Performance - Advance by Adversity

Human Performance – Advance by Adversity

Filtered by frigid Pacific waters and forged through adversity, the Navy SEAL’s are notorious for their feats of human performance and succeeding at all costs. The uninitiated describes them as “Winners,” but labels like these obscure reality by covering up the muddy, battered and bruised truth about these men. Navy SEALs are born to lose, and that’s what makes […]