Jaeson "Doc" Parsons

Born in Chicago & raised in the shadow of the Chicago Board of Trade, Jaeson spent nearly 15 years in the world of global finance. After the 9/11 triggered an overwhelming sense of duty & he left the markets and joined the Army. Enlisting as a combat medic, Jaeson earned the honor of ‘Doc’ on the streets of Ramadi. Doc was honorably discharged and while attending WVU, he started the Graffiti of War Project - www.GraffitiofWar.com, a project documenting the unique artwork created by service members & civilians in conflict zones. The ultimate purpose being to use the book to raise awareness for veterans & service members afflicted with PTSD & TBI, and promoting arts therapy as an alternative solution. Doc's work and odd musings have been published in Maxim and Business Insider as well as featured via outlets such as Fox News, Wired Magazine, Stars & Stripes, Time.com and others.