An article was released on Wednesday, March 15, by the Washington Post stating that the U.S. Military is drawing up plans to expand the presence of American troops in Northern Syria in the weeks ahead, potentially adding up to 1,000 ground troops to the region.

According to the Post article, “[w]hile the new contingent of U.S. troops would initially not play a combat role, they would be entering an increasingly complex and dangerous battlefield.”

The focus will be for this latest surge in U.S. forces proposed by the military is one of an advisory role providing their expertise in air support and explosive ordnance disposal to the Kurds battling the Islamic State in the northern areas of Syria. Currently the region has just under 1,000 troops consisting of Special Ops, Rangers and Marines, on the ground. If the Trump administration implements this new plan, another 1,000 conventional troops would be added to support special operations and bolster their numbers as needed.

Despite assurances that these troops will not play a combat role, this is a war, and one with little regard for rules and conventions. Any insertion of US troops will no doubt be met with extreme resistance by ISIS, whose primary interest is drawing the US into a prolonged guerilla conflict in the region, with hopes of breaking our resolve through the draining of our resources, most precious being American lives.