Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

Recently, Qatar Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed al-Thani has been in Washington, D.C. visiting with US officials in the Trump administration regarding the blockade of Qatar. He started his 10-day visit with a speech at the Center for National Interest, a D.C.-area think tank.

Al-Thani warned the audience of “dark ages” ahead for the Middle East and blamed the regional powers of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the UAE. “Regional players are acting irresponsibly, taking a political gamble with the lives of other nations’ citizens with no exit strategy.”

Earlier this summer, these countries cut diplomatic and trade ties to Qatar after accusing them of having ties to radical terror groups as well as its close relationship to Iran, the arch-nemesis of Saudi Arabia.

Qatar’s government has categorically denied these allegations with the director of government communications stating, “Qatar does not fund terrorism whatsoever — no groups, no individuals. Not from afar or from a close distance,” during an interview with the Los Angeles Times in late August.