This beach is famous for low flying aircraft as they approach the airport for landing. A year ago, a woman tourist died at this beach while standing in the jet blast of an airplane that was taking off.

An acrobatic couple have been criticized for performing a one-handed headstand inches away from a cargo plane on a beach infamous for low-flying jets.

Performers Oleg Kolisnichenko, 36, and Yuliia Nos, 25, appear to be just feet away from the aircraft in the daring snap on Maho Beach, on the Caribbean island of Saint Martin. “We absolutely love acrobatics and we like to have fun with it outside of work,” said daredevil Nos, from Kiev, Ukraine.

“The beach really is dangerous yet exciting at the same time. A lot of people were taking pictures with a plane above their heads but we had some idea to make something cool,” she said. “After a few tries, we managed to perform it as the plane arrived, but we didn’t expect it to be so big and so close to us.

“It didn’t touch my feet but I felt so much air from the plane and I lost my balance. It was so much fun and exciting but it was only after I realized how dangerous it was.” – Fox News


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Featured image by video screen capture

Acrobatic Couple Criticized for Stunt Beneath Landing Airliner at Maho Beach, Saint Martin