A great new honor has been bestowed upon the Air Force Air Commandos! The Brown Beret!

After decades of distinguished service, the Combat Aviation Advisor community donned the newly minted brown beret as their symbol of distinction during a ceremony held here Jan. 6.

Lt. Gen. Brad Webb, Commander, Air Force Special Operations Command, presided over the ceremony and shared his perspective on the significance of the event.

“Today, CAAs, you’re being granted the honor and privilege of your own Combat Aviation Advisor beret.  It’s an important cultural symbol,” said Webb.

“I can tell you what I expect when I see a brown beret. I expect to see a cultural expert–one that has a complete understanding of a host nation’s customs, culture and way of life. I expect to see a joint warfare expert…an expert in our way of warfare and expert in understanding our partner nation’s way of warfare. I expect [our members] to have the maturity to know how to blend those two together.” – Air Force Special Operations Command

Combat Aviation Advisors assigned to Duke Field, Florida are now authorized the wear of the brown beret on Air Force Special Operations Command installations by the AFSOC commander, Lt. Gen. Brad Webb, January 6, 2018. CAAs are a team of Air Commandos that advise foreign militaries in combat aviation throughout the globe.

U.S. Air Force Photo/Senior Airman Joseph Pick

Air Force Combat Aviation Advisors don the Brown Beret