Air Force Lt. General Gina Grosso released a statement saying that a stop-loss order is not being considered in dealing with their pilot shortages. A stop-loss is used to force ‘critical need’ military members to stay in beyond their scheduled commitment date.

“Stop-loss is not a part of the Air Force’s retention strategy, as we expect the monetary and non-monetary tools we have implemented will attract and retain a mission-ready force,” Grosso said. “There has been no consideration of implementing any type of stop-loss for any career field.”

Goldfein also closed the door on stop-loss at a Heritage Foundation discussion Wednesday.

“I want to make it as clear as I possibly can: I am not considering stop-loss,” Goldfein said. “It’s a tool in the secretary’s tool bag to use when we’re in a state of emergency, and we’re not in a state of emergency.” – Air Force Times

The Air Force and Navy are suffering from a pilot shortage in part due to commercial airlines hiring them away from military service with higher pay and an easier lifestyle.

Featured image by Senior Airman Sandra Welch, US Air Force

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