The Russian Air Force has been in the news a good bit lately. We’ve covered their antics on different occasions, discussing close encounters with the Royal Norwegian Air Force in Europe, as well as USAF F-22s and F-15Cs along our west coast. In fact, the Norwegians recently released some of the photos taken by their pilots of some of the different aircraft they’ve been encountering.

Although the United States provides support to monitor the activities of the Russians, it is just one of many partner nations contributing to the effort of policing the skies over the Baltic Sea and North Atlantic. In this video, we see F-16s from the Belgian Air Force during a rotation for air sovereignty operations.

The Belgians have hopped on the GoPro bandwagon and have produced some pretty awesome footage of these missions. This particular clip features one air intercept, as well as airfield operations occurring elsewhere in the Baltic region. So turn up your speakers and enjoy!

Belgian Air Force Viper FA-89 (80-3580) from the 2nd Tactical Wing in Florennes, departing Nellis AFB on a Red Flag mission.
Belgian Air Force F-16AM FA-89 (80-3580) from the 2nd Tactical Wing in Florennes, departing on a training mission with a live Mk82 500-lb bomb. Photo by Jason Hyatt.

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