Hello Fighter Sweep Fans! It’s that day again and we hope you have enjoyed blue skies and tailwinds this week. On this edition of Burner Friday we’re giving more love to the mighty Boeing F-15 and another Eagle operator that is no longer with us.

The ‘Fighting Crows’ of the 60 Fighter Squadron were based out of Eglin Air Force Base on the Florida panhandle, a premier Air Combat Command (ACC) air superiority unit within the storied 33d Fighter Wing. The 33d no longer flies F-15s, and now operates a trio of F-35 training squadrons.

The 60 FS was deactivated in January 2009, but not before they could spend some time raging around Alaska (what better place is there?) during Red Flag. This image was taken at a cold and snowy Elmendorf AFB (now Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson) during period 08-2, when the squadron had less than a year of operation remaining.