When you eat, sleep, and breathe so close to the DMZ, you have to be ready to lay the smack down at the drop of a hat. The “Fabulous Flying Fiends” of the 36th Fighter Squadron, who live and work  a very short hop south of “The Great Successor,” are more than happy to have that responsibility.

The Fiends were formed at Kelly Field, Texas in 1917 as the 36th Aero Squadron, and although the unit didn’t see combat in World War I, several of the unit’s members did. The squadron permanently moved to Japan/Korea shortly after World War II and has been there ever since. They have flown 21 different aircraft types in their history, including other badasses like the P-38, P-47, F-105, and F-4. Another interesting piece of unit history – 1st Lt. Quentin Roosevelt was one of their first squadron commanders. Quentin was the son of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Originally named the “Pukin’ Pups,” the 36th patch image has remained the same since its creation, something VERY rare in the delightful PC culture in which we live today.

36th Fighter Squadron Patch
36th Fighter Squadron Patch

Sit back and enjoy a four-ship launch, in burner, from the Fabulous Flying Fiends at Exercise Beverly Bulldog last year.