I’m not sure about you, but it’s been a long and arduous week. Plenty of bitter and blizzard-like winter conditions still abound despite all hopes to the contrary, and I know I’m not the only one looking forward to the weekend! But, first thing’s first, so here we go with this week’s Burner Friday.

The Japanese are well known exporters of fantastic food, automobiles, and electronics. We’d like to add afterburner to that list, as the above example shows. Here we see a textbook, quality example of raw fuel being poured into the exhaust of an F-15J Eagle from 303 Hikotai departing Eielson AFB during a Red Flag-Alaska exercise.

Common visitors to Alaska for RF-A, the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force Eagles were consistently spewing the brightest burner of any of the pointy-nosed jets at the exercise. While I can’t include the rattle-my-core noise intrinsic to standing next to the runway while that BFM menace powered by in full blower, we can give you a hint with a clip of some JASDF F-15DJs lighting up the evening sky. Enjoy the glorious, glowing burner of the Eagle, and have a great weekend, FighterSweep Fans!