It’s that time again, everybody. Our weekly holiday trip to burnerville! Stupid? Yes. Accurate? Absolutely.

For Burner Friday this week, we bring you some lovely plumage courtesy of our Viper-flying allies, the Polish Air Force. These are not your grandpa’s F-16s. They are powered by the Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 which produces a chest-thumping 29,000 pounds of thrust.

They sport the APG-68(V)9 radar which provides high-resolution ground imaging, enabling day/night all-weather capability and precision weapons delivery. Speaking of weapons, the Polish Vipers can carry all of the latest day-ruiners you can load up including, but not limited to; AIM-9x, AIM-120C, JSOW-C, and JDAM.

The F-16 has come a hell of a long way since birth and the Polish Air Force’s Vipers are one of the many examples of the adaptability of this outstanding platform. Sit back and enjoy a little video shot at the same exercise as our photo, Red Flag-Alaska 12-2.