It’s our favorite day of the week, FighterSweep Fans! It’s been a spectacular week for us here and you’ll be seeing the fruits of that labor here very shortly. But in the mean time, feast your eyes upon this Boeing F/A-18E Super Hornet from VFA-146!

The “Blue Diamonds” are new to the Super Hornet, transitioning to the single-seat variant earlier this year. Exercise Sentry Eagle 2015, held at Kingsley Field in Klamath Falls, Oregon, was their first “public” outing and the first time they participated in a Large Force Employment exercise with the new jet.

With many thanks to “Cherry,” “Rango,” and the rest of the lads, we were able to spend some quality time with their airplanes during the entire Sentry Eagle exercise, both on the ground and in the air. These particular Super Hornets saw their first service with VFA-27 (MIYF!!), but as the Royal Maces received brand-new jets, these beauties found a new home with the Blue Diamonds.


After twenty-six years in the F/A-18C, The Blue Diamonds have joined the ranks of those other units flying and employing the agile, dependable, and lethal Super Hornet. If their performance during Sentry Eagle was any indication, they will be accomplishing great things in the new jet!