In another step on their quest of becoming a dominant military force China just launched their second aircraft carrier but the first they built entirely on their own. Launching the 50,000 ton ship is a major step in proving China’s advancing technology.

Development of the new carrier began in 2013 and construction in late 2015. It’s expected to be formally commissioned sometime before 2020, after sea trials and the arrival of its full air complement.

The new carrier “is likely to be seen as further evidence of China’s desire to become the most powerful and influential country in the region,” he said. That will be especially worrying to Indian security analysts who are already concerned about Beijing’s ambitions in the Indian Ocean, said Michael Chase, an expert on the Chinese military at U.S. think tank the RAND Corporation. – USA Today

Taking into consideration this major achievement and the recent Chinese moves in the South China Sea building artificial islands for military purposes our countries in the region such as, India, Japan and Taiwan will undoubtedly feel threatened.

If this a one off achievement or the first of many to come?

Feature image of China’s second aircraft carrier, during launching ceremonies conducted at Dalian shipyard in northeast China, April 26, 2017 by AFP