Cirrus Aircraft, based in Duluth, MN announced the delivery of the first Vision Jet to their customer Joe Whisenhunt, a commercial real-estate developer from Arkansas. Whisenhunt is a loyal Cirrus customer owning 10 other Cirrus aircraft prior to purchasing the Vision jet.

Cirrus Aircraft CEO Dale Klapmeier said, “Most of you have seen Joe around. This is Cirrus number 11 for Joe.”

“It’s pretty exciting,” he said. “We began production on the jet earlier this year and we will continue ramping up through the year. We are very excited to get the [aircraft] into the hands of our customers.” – Star Tribune

The light jet that costs around two million dollars took Cirrus about 10 years to develop and build. They obtained FAA certification last October.

Vision Jet Specifications:

  • Single Model FJ33-5A engine manufactured by Williams International
  • Engine produces approximately 1800 lbs of thrust
  • Wingspan 38.7 ft. (11.79 m) – Length 30.7 ft. (9.42 m)
  • Maximum cruise speed 300 knots – Stall speed 67 knots
  • Takeoff distance 2036 ft. (620 m) – Landing Ground roll 1628 ft. (496 m)
  • Cabin design with reclining seats – accommodating up to five adults and two children
Photo of Interior of the Vision Jet by Cirrus Aircraft

The Vision aircraft is being presented as a personal jet that a non professional pilot can easily and safely fly making it ideal for the owner-operator. The company says they have over 600 reservations to purchase the Vision Jet.

Cirrus made a name for itself in the general aviation business by attaching a whole aircraft parachute system to their general aviation airplanes called Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS).

Watch CAPS in Action

The company is owned by China Aviation Industry General Aircraft (CAIGA) which is owned wholly by the Chinese government. They have delivered over 6000 aircraft.

Featured Image Courtesy of Cirrus Aircraft