I was born in the ’70s in Arizona, so I have been a dedicated American aircraft homer my entire life. It was difficult not to be, growing up around F-16s, A-10s, F-15s, and AV-8Bs. It was so easy to gain an appreciation for smooth lines and also brute force.

As I have grown, so has my respect and admiration for the design and engineering from other countries. Dassault knows how to make an aircraft with great looks. Dating back to the 50s, they have designed and manufactured quite a few beauties. Combine a sleek design with 4th and 5th generation warfighting capabilities and you’ve got a platform that’ll kick your ass while looking good.

EC 01.007 "Provence" Rafale B 317

If FighterSweep shed a light on the Dassault Rafale’s beauty in last week’s Burner Friday, this video is the equivalent of 5000 lumens in your face on a moonless night. Today we take a look at this beast from the pilot’s perspective.

C’est Magnifique!