As Paco says, “It’s a Navy thing. More, it’s a CV thing, ‘CV’ being the code for carrier, the kind of carrier that has cross-deck pendants and planes with hooks. The Sh!t Hot Break: if you know what it is, you’re smiling already.”

Although the days of The Big Fighter annihilating the break are sadly past, the Super Hornet community has done their best to pick it up where Nasty Manazir left off. For the pilots at VFA-211, the “Checkmates,” the rendition of the SHB is something they call The Triple Nickel: five hundred feet, five hundred knots, and .5 miles from the carrier.

The clip emphasizes the pure, unadulterated awesome that is the SHB. Go inside the Super Hornet cockpit to see what the SHB looks like from the perspective of the bro with stick and throttles in hand. Short of being a Naval Aviator, this is about as close as most will get to experiencing the SHB.