We never tire of watching our military friends in action, be it of a door gunner on a Huey or a C-130 driver playing follow the leader in Alaska. Not surprisingly some of our favorites though, are of fast jets in action. Who doesn’t love that?

During a 2014 detachment to Thule Air Base on the west coast of Greenland, Royal Danish Air Force (RDAF) F-16s supported an Arctic SAR and surveillance test exercise, flying low level all over Greenland and thankfully offering up this video for your viewing pleasure.

Per the video’s author, the Detachment Commander, the video features “RDAF F16s low level over Greenland ice sheet; the flight takes us along the ice rim east of Kangerlussuaq, to the DYE-2 radar station, over the icefjord near Ilulissat, over the inspection ship Knud Rasmussen, and over the town of Ilussisat where the polar explorer Knud Rasmussen was born.”

You’ll also see the RDAF’s Challenger 600 VIP and surveillance aircraft, which supported the Greenland det. But one of the more noteworthy parts of the video is the flight over featureless, snow-covered terrain with no shadows. That can make judging your altitude above ground level very difficult, but these Danish pilots make it look easy.

Now sit tight and ride along in an RDAF F-16 over the world’s largest island!