In response to the continued barbarism and bloodlust of ISIS, Egypt got in on the action after 21 of its citizens–all Coptic Christians–were beheaded on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in neighboring Libya. In the early-morning hours of 16 February, the Egyptian Air Force targeted Islamic State assembly areas, weapons storage facilities, and training camps for airstrikes.

The Egyptian government released a statement that, in accordance with the law, it made the decision to “take revenge” against the terrorists following the butchering of the Egyptian citizens.

“The strike has achieved its goals completely and accurately,” the statement issued by the Egyptian State Information Service says. “The Eagles of our Air Force have already returned to their bases safe and sound.”

It also states, “We here confirm that avenging the Egyptian blood and taking revenge on the killers and criminals is an inalienable duty that we should fulfill.”

Operation Inherent Resolve, the name of the ongoing operation by the U.S.-led coalition, has been carrying out strikes against the terrorist group in Iraq and Syria since August. To avenge the recent, horrific execution of a Jordanian F-16 pilot captured back in December, the RoJAF has increased its involvement dramatically, vowing to eliminate ISIS.

(Featured Photo Courtesy of the Egyptian Air Force)